Morfik Newsletter
December 2010
Welcome to the December issue of the Morfik Newsletter. What a huge couple of months it has been! In the last newsletter we told you about Altium’s proposal to acquire Morfik, since then the acquisition has been completed,
Morfik 3 was released and the game changed! Now you don’t have to pay to play the web design game. Morfik is freely available for everyone to download. And we have simplified the Morfik Developer Assist plans available, as well as introduced flexible monthly payment options - with no minimum term commitment. Being connected is the best way to stay abreast of the latest premium technology - all designed to save you hours of development time.
It's all about our Community
Registering to be part of our growing Morfik Community is a powerful and easy way to engage with other Morfik users and submerge yourself in a network of skills and expertise to help you with your projects. If you haven't visited our Community pages in a while, check it out.
Morfik's gone social
There are also some new social media profiles available providing you with even more ways to keep you up to date with our activities. Visit us (and become our friend) via the Morfik Facebook page and watch some of the latest cool videos we have created via our Morfik Youtube Channel. We encourage you to sign up to be notified of the latest development.
Morfik 3 updates
There have been a number releases following the initial launch of Morfik 3, addressing issues that were reported by the developers community. The latest version of the software can be downloaded from here.
Morfik 3 - the technology behind the new Altium Designer site
Finally, take a look at the new site for Altium Designer Release 10! This site is designed completely with Morfik 3 and interestingly, all content is managed using Google Docs!

    Abstract Data Sources
The new Abstract Data Sources in Morfik 3 give developers absolute freedom to bring information from any source into a web application or a website. Abstract Data Sources provide a mechanism through which the developer, by writing a couple of event handlers on the server side of the application, can make any information stream appear as a table in the application. This allows all the functionality that is available for visually creating Rich Internet Application interfaces to work with just about any data source.
Find out more information on this new feature in the Morfik Wiki or watch this video.

    MDA Featured Packages
The Morfik Zeos package contains classes that support direct connections to client-server databases through native connectors, removing the need to use ODBC. The latest update includes support for Postgres.
The Morfik Navigator package contains a Navigator widget that is a replacement of and an enhancement to the standard Morfik navigator that is available in both the footer and header of a form. A live demo is available here.

Recent Morfik Blogs

Blogs on the latest news and recently released MDA packages:

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Morfik Tips and Tricks

Increase your application performance by caching your project forms
Manage Browser and Server caching of your project forms from the caching Tab in form's context menu Properties option. The "Browser" caching allows the browser to keep a local copy of the selected form and the "Server" caching allows the application server to maintain a copy of the form in its local cache based on the specified frequency.
Want to make a local backup of your deployed project?
The Deployment Wizard in Morfik provides the ability to create a complete backup of your live site in Production mode and downloads it to your local machine. The downloaded file can be unzipped using a standard zip utility.
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