Morfik Newsletter
June 2010
Welcome to the June issue of the Morfik Newsletter. This issue includes the usual information about the latest MDA Releases, Blogs, Tips and Tricks — but first of all, something much more exciting!

The most important Morfik release since the official 2005 product launch at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco is fast approaching. Morfik 3 is a seminal product that delivers on the promise offered by our original product, making that vision a reality.

The significance of Morfik 3 goes beyond the software alone. It is a symbol of the maturation of Morfik's entire approach to web application development, including the availability of additional resources, comprehensive documentation and the establishment of an active and supportive community of Morfik developers. In recognition of this, we have updated our web pages, wiki and blog sites and thrown the doors of our forums wide open in preparation for the release of Morfik 3.

Morfik 3 is a turning point for web application development — but don't just take our word on it. Download the Morfik 3 Beta and see for yourself.

Morfik 3.0 Public Beta is out!
While based on the same basic strategy as Morfik 2 — which is to give you features that help you keep up with the requirements of modern web applications without making the process too complicated — Morfik 3 goes well beyond this. Download the Morfik 3 Beta and investigate the selection of features and enhancements outlined below. A link at the end of this section will take you to a list of even more new features and enhancements.

New Pages as first class objects
Pages, are a visual representation of the concept of the Virtual Page that was introduced in Morfik 2. Using pages it is much more simple to structure a Morfik application and implement most of its navigational organization without writing a single line of code. Read more...

Explicit support for mobile devices
With version 3, Morfik has added special support for mobile devices in general and Apple's popular iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in particular. The Morfik development environment allows the user to create alternate interfaces for different devices within the same application. The Morfik Framework automatically presents the correct set of Pages to the user based on the device he/she is using at that time. Read more...

Abstract Data Access Classes
As part of the effort to add support for additional databases to the Morfik Framework and the Morfik development environment, a series of abstract data access classes have been introduced. These classes can be used as the basis for the implementation of native access to just about any database. Read more...

Native Database Connectivity
In version 3, Morfik has re-implemented the database access portions of the Morfik Framework in a way that allows for direct connection to databases other than Firebird and ODBC. This means that it is now possible to implement direct native access to other databases. Read more...

Continuous Editable Forms
Continuous editable forms were introduced in Morfik 2.x but were still at an experimental stage. In Morfik 3.x a lot of work went into making these forms usable and useful. You can now design a single form for browsing and editing data. Read more...

Animation and special effects
A new browser-side module called SystemAnimations has been added to the Morfik Framework for implementing animations and visual effects. View Demo...

Morfik has implemented a design method that we believe will make the creation and maintenance of websites supporting multiple languages a straightforward process that can be easily executed. As always, we are going to be the first users of our own technology, so you can expect to see morfik website in various languages! Read more...

International character set support in Reports
As of version 3.0 Morfik supports a wider range of international character sets in reports. Morfik reports are generated as PDF documents that the user can view through Adobe's Acrobat Reader or save it for later review or forward to other people. View Demo...

New API for Design time behavior of Packages
With version 3.0 Morfik introduced a more well-rounded support infrastructure for creating scripts to add design- time behavior to widgets within the Morfik development environment. The new design time behavior infrastructure for widgets includes support for accessing external libraries in the form of Dynamic Link Libraries.

Click here for a list of additional new and improved features in Morfik 3.0.

    MDA Featured Packages
The Morfik Fusion Charts Package contains a single widget (FusionCharts) that is a wrapper for animated Flash controls for charts, graphs, gauges and maps. There are over 60 styles of animated controls to choose from. The Morfik package comes with some free and some evaluation versions of the controls which can be purchased from InfoSoft Global . A live demo is available here.

The PayPal Package allows you to implement the PayPal Express Checkout into your Morfik-built websites in but a few simple steps so your customers could complete transactions in the same easy manner. Well known for its reliability and status as PayPal’s premier checkout solution, Express Checkout allows your customers to use their shipping and billing information stored at PayPal to check out, thus saving time and raising trust between you and your customers. The PayPal Package has been released in response to frequent requests from Morfik developers. A live demo is available here.

Morfik Image Processing Package is based on the Vampyre Imaging Library which provides a powerful set of tools for image manipulation. The package also includes a widget, PaintBox, that provides a canvas for server-side drawing. Easy loading and saving of images in different formats, conversion between supported data formats (such as bilinear/bicubic resizing, support for mipmaps), multi-images and direct access to image data are amongst many of the features supported by this package. A live demo is available here.


Morfik announces Rewards Program
The Morfik Rewards Program has been established to foster a cooperative support culture within the Morfik community by directly rewarding those who share their valuable time and experience with their fellow developers. All peer support activities within the Morfik community attract reward points that can be exchanged for a range of products, services, merchandise and priority support or used for sponsoring development of product features and Morfik packages of choice.

New look and functionality for Morfik websites
All of Morfik's websites have been updated to provide a host of new functionalities and content and to support the upcoming version 3.0. We invite you to visit our new websites and tell us what you think.

Morfik Sample Projects
We have updated a number of Sample Projects and posted new ones to demonstrate the new possibilities offered by Morfik 3.0.


Morfik 3.0 Beta Blogs

Recent Package Releases and Updates

Morfik Tips and Tricks

Add versioning to your Morfik applications

Did you know you can add version information to your Morfik applications by simply ticking the "Include Version Info" checkbox in Morfik Options | Application | Version. If the "Autoincrement version number" is also checked, the "Build" number increases every time you do a Build.
Pretty up the Loading message

Do you want to change the default "Loading..." message when your application is starting in the browser? Simply set the "On Print Loading Message" event for your project and change the default behavior to what you would like your end users to see when accessing your site.
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